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We offer a wide range of chewing products for dogs and cats. In addition to the classic product lines, you can like Beef, poultry, lamb or pork can also produce more exotic products such as kangaroo or game. On the one hand, we can currently offer you products in the field of classic air-dried slaughterhouse by-products such as pig ears, on the other hand, we have specialized in the creation of supplementary feed such as sticks or complete feed with high meat content in recent years. 

We supply a wide range of customers in Europe, from specialized pet shops to wholesalers to large food retailers, and have long been represented at trade fairs such as the Interzoo.

Product portfolio

  • Sprat 
Complete dog poultry food 
Complete food cat poultry 
Chunks of dog poultry 
Chunks of cat poultry 
Heart shape cat poultry 
Salami poultry 
Salami Pearls poultry 
Sticks dog poultry 
Sticks cat poultry 
Strips of poultry 
Chicken duck breast meat 
Chicken necks 
Chicken stomachs 
Turkey meat 
Turkey necks 
Strips of turkey 
Complete lamb dog food 
Lump of meat dog lamb 
Chunk of meat cat lamb 
Lamb ears 
Salami lamb 
Salami Pearls Lamb 
Sheep lung 
Sheep shavings 
Sheep's lower legs
Sticks cat lamb 
Strips of lamb 
Complete dog beef 
Complete cat food 
Meat chunk of dog beef 
Meat chunk of dog beef with rumen 
Meat chunk of cat beef 
Heart shape dog cattle 
Beef jerky flat 
Beef jerky long 
Beef jerky round 
Beef heart 
Beef hooves 
Beef larynx
Beef bone 
Beef scalp in various lengths
Beef scalp with fur 
Beef scalp plates 
Beef liver 
Beef sausages 
Beef lung 
Beef rake 
Cattle nose 
Beef noses with a palate 
Beef Ears - Flaps 
Beef ears with fur 
Beef ears with shell 
Beef tripe 
Bovine tendon 
Whole cattle 
Beef cut 
Beef rungs long 
Beef salami pearls 
Salami beef 
Sticks dog beef 
Sticks dog beef with rumen 
Sticks cat beef 
Strips of beef 
(Cattle) jumbo bones 
Complete dog rumen food 
Calf lower legs 
Calf's Wheat 
Bull peas in different lengths
Long bullock with meat 
Bullstrap blend 
Salami rumen 
Sticks dog rumen 
Streak rumen 
Piglet ears 
Sow ears 
Pork crusts 
pig ears 
Half a pig's ears 
Pig ears with mussel 
Pig ear shells 
Pig paws 
Pork ham bone
Pork rind 
Pork Wheat 
Pig's lower legs 
Sticks dog lamb 
Meat chunk dog deer 
Meat chunk dog kangaroo 
Meat chunk of dog ostrich 
Chunk of meat cat deer 
Meat chunk of cat kangaroo 
Meat chunk of cat ostrich 
Kangaroo tail slices 
Rabbit ears with fur 
Salami deer 
Salami kangaroo 
Salami Pearls Kangaroo 
Salami Pearl's rumen 
Salami Pearls bouquet 
Salami Pearls Wild 
Salami bouquet 
Sticks ostrich 
Sticks cat deer 
Sticks cat kangaroo 
Sticks cat bouquet 
Strips of deer 
Stripe kangaroo 
Stripe bouquet 
Carpet deer 
Carpet bouquet 
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